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How to make a watermelon fruit cake

Posted on April 11, 2013

If you're a healthy foodie on Facebook or Pinterest you've seen these floating around. I wanted to create a gathering spot for them to inspire myself and anyone else wanting to make these. Great for anyone eating a raw foods diet, doing a raw foods cleanse, cutting out processed foods, celiacs, diabetics or just plain fruit fanatics.

These cakes can be made a few hours prior to serving. You can wrap with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator or leave out at room temperature.

Step One:

Use watermelon for the base by taking a firm, not overy ripe, seedless watermelon and cutting first the top and bottom off and then carefully cut away the skin and any remaining white rind using shallow cuts. Next slice 2 to 3 tiers several inches high. Now shape each tier an inch or more narrower than the other.

Step Two:

Layer tiers upon eachother and place a skewer from the top down to secure together.

Step Three:

Take contrasting fruits such as kiwi, cantaloupe, honedew, starfruit, pineapple etc (again, not overly ripe) and cut into 1/2 to 1 inch flat pieces and then use small cookie and/or candy cutters to create shapes. You can also use small candy cutters to cut out desired shape from the watermelon side, gently scoop out and then make identical shape from contrasting fruit to secure in.

Step Four:

Now take toothpicks and secure decorations in place. Artfully place both shapes and berries in layers on the base and on top. 

Select grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries etc to fill in around the edges and on top. Use toothpics to secure around sides and gently place around base. Layer sliced strawberries or carefully pile berries on top of cake.

When cutting pieces from the cake be sure to let the recipient know to remove toothpicks or remove for them.

Note: These images are not cakes I have personally made. In fact, I haven't made one as of this posting but will be as soon as all my favorite summer fruits are back in season! These are photos from all over the web and if I find the source it has been credited.

Here is a great video demonstration from FineFrostings.com on how to make a single layer watermelon fruit cake


This looks just luscious with all the dark berries and strawberries and I think is my favorite. It comes from http://www.shelikespurple.com.


I love how the decorator utilized the slices of pineapple to make swags and that the cake is filled in so much.They used cantaloupe and honeydew to create flower petals and the entire top is a beautiful cascading flower! Looks absolutely delicious don't you think? 


This would be great for a school birthday party in liew of sharing sugar loaded cupcakes or cookies. Who doesn't love fruit on a stick! Just snip off the pointed ends of the skewers to keep it safe. 



I just love the creativity of how the decorator here embedded contrasting fruit into the sides by using little candy cutters. The star shape at the tip of the skewers makes the cake. This came from http://neat2eat.com.au   


 I would be head over heels if I were given this cake for my birthday! The fruit skewers and long candles remind me of fireworks... 









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